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JOMA Commercial officially began in 2015, but is built from a lifetime of experience. Mike Mantione, Kevin Blankenship, and Scott Spillane have a combined 50 years working in commercial construction. They collaborate as a responsive team that has a desire to help businesses and organizations create spaces that work for them, grow with them, and bolster leader’s confidence in reaching their most important objectives. Like JOMA Construction, the Commercial division has grown organically, letting the craftsmanship and relationships speak for themselves.
Specialized in Remodeling:
Office- Design and Build
Retail- Design and Build
Entertainment and Dining
Municipality and Utility Builds
Educational facilities
JOMA Commercial also participates in competitive bids. Many organizations, especially those that are associated with local government, require such bidding when sourcing construction. If you have information regarding a bid or are seeking to have JOMA join your bid request please call us.
JOMA Commercial: Athens Remodeling Specialists. 

JOMA Commercial Utilizes an
Online Job Management Portal!
Log in to view job updates, progress photos, make selections and changes, and communicate directly with your project manager.

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